A Community Sewer System for the North Okanagan

Enriching environment & economy

The North Okanagan Wastewater Recovery Project (NOWRP) is the result of a unique partnership launched in 2015 by the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO), Township of Spallumcheen and Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) to implement a community sewer system.

The project will provide sewer service to residents and businesses in portions of RDNO Electoral Areas B and C, the Township of Spallumcheen’s southeast industrial area and have the ability to service parts of OKIB.

This is one of the last developed areas of the Okanagan without a community sewer system.

The Benefits of the Project​

  • Reduce leaching of contaminants into Swan Lake
  • Improve surface and groundwater quality
  • Enhance the natural habitat and support wildlife habitats
  • Increased options for development and business enhancement 
  • Job creation during project construction
  • Development to meet future growth
  • Farmers to access reclaimed water for irrigation
  • Reclaimed water contains nutrients for crop growth 
  • Water supply during drought conditions
  • Increased property values for homeowners 
  • No more hauling of wastewater 
  • Enhanced recreational opportunities 

Our Project Partners​

A wastewater system that supports our local farming community with reclaimed irrigation water is still very real for the North Okanagan. Rising costs mean we need to be flexible and responsible to the communities we serve.

Mayor Christine Fraser

Township of Spallumcheen

As we recover from floods, fires and other setbacks, a system that gives back to our land and improves our environment is one that we still support.


Chief Byron Louis

Okanagan Indian Band

We are exploring every angle to secure additional funds to deliver a community wastewater system for the North Okanagan. Enhancing our service levels for residents and businesses, while protecting Swan Lake and its tributaries is of utmost importance.​


Electoral Area B Director, Bob Fleming​

Regional District of North Okanagan

We will continue to collaborate and explore opportunities in order to meet the project's objectives, and deliver long-tern benefits to the North Okanagan

Amanda Shatzko

Electoral Area C Director, Amanda Shatzko

Regional District of North Okanagan